Professional project experience
The team has trendy media genes and is more creative. The e-commerce business allows us to better understand the needs of e-commerce customers and customize integrated marketing plans; have a high-quality content production team, and receive good feedback on the quality of graphic content. Guide the lifestyle and consumption decisions of young consumer groups through highly distinctive video content
Enjoy a good reputation in the industry
Wahool has provided integrated marketing services for more than 200 unique platforms and brands around the world, and guided the lifestyle and consumption decisions of different consumer groups through diversified forms such as graphic, video, live broadcast, social communication and pop-up stores
High-quality brand customers
14 comprehensive high-weight national visible media (such as Xinhua News Agency, People's Daily, People's Daily Online, China News Network, Zaker, Jiemian, The Paper, etc.); The 8 intelligent recommendation platforms of news and information clients (Toutiao, Dianjianyu, UC, netease, sohu, Phoenix, Baidu Baijia and Tencent Daily Express) have more than 1,000 accounts in total.
classic case /经典案例

Good public praise and reputation, has been walking ahead of the industry, and maintain long-term business cooperation relationship in various industries.